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RoCHIC was founded with a mission to provide beautiful fine jewelry that is focused on the consumer. To do so we focused on three main attributes for our jewelry store:


#1 Full disclosure of jewelry materials crafted to superior quality standards.

Full disclosure of the use or natural diamonds, total diamond weight, cut (single or full), color and clarity are all listed on each of our product pages. 

Since all our jewelry is handmade, each piece is ensured to undergo strict quality assurance procedures at every step of our process. To back it up, we promise that our jewelry uses only natural diamonds and is free from micro-graining, porosity, and scratches, imperfections that are only seen through a microscope or your money is back.


#2 Superior prices to traditional retail jewelry stores.

To compete in the marketplace, we focused on operating online, use in house production, and sell using handmade to order system for most of our jewelry.

Because our jewels are produced and sold directly to you, all the fees incurred by middlemen are cut out and your jewelry is completed and shipped directly to you within 16 business days or less.

The money that would typically go into maintaining inventory and a physical store is instead reinvested into superior customer service, creating a better product, and expediting the process of bringing more products that we think you will love into our store.  

#3 Individualized jewelry for our customers to appreciate and love. 

Jewelry is indeed a luxury item and what is luxury if you don't truly make your piece your own?

Aside from the listed options of 4 gold colors, 2 types of gold purity, 11 ring sizes, and complimentary engraving on all of our pieces, we can accommodate platinum, any ring size standard of your country, custom changes to any of our pieces, and bespoke requests regarding your vision. Each piece purchased is truly unique.


We at RoCHIC hope that you enjoy our selection of fine jewelry as we love bringing it to you.


browse, shop, and enjoy! 




For any questions or concerns please leave us a message here with your email address and we will respond to you within 1 business day.

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